Better Leadership + Better Government = Community that Thrives

Steven Kendrick’s vision is to lead the community on prioritizing our vast needs, including better decision making and professionalism from government and its officials, targeted infrastructure improvements, economic development projects and service delivery efficiency. Augusta is not a “one size fits all” community, therefore a more nuanced approach to these priorities must be developed. Consider the following:

Prioritize Cleanliness, Creation of Jobs and Care for those struggling for ALL of AUGUSTA…

  • Support the already established Blight Task Force that was assembled to address coordination issues.
  • Support and coordinate with agencies tasked with job recruitment and retention and support small business.
  • Affordable housing, homelessness and food insecurities should be targeted.

Improve living conditions and livability in East Augusta…

  • Blight removal and infrastructure improvement
  • Recruit affordable housing to the area

Create a safer and more welcoming Downtown Augusta…

  • Add more lighting, less trees and more law enforcement for safer spaces.
  • Revitalization through building façade program.
  • Incentivize downtown attractions. Improve Riverwalk with next SPLOST.

A more economically vibrant and livable South Augusta…

  • Targeted retail, hotel and restaurant recruitment along with continued recruitment of manufacturing jobs.
  • Encourage home building, stiffen neighborhood regulations and improve infrastructure (sewer, lighting, etc.)
  • Advocate for additional attractions to include a Waterpark, Amphitheater and public golf course.

Less congestion and more neighborhood amenities in West Augusta…

  • Improved streetscapes and infrastructure including sidewalks, parks and greenspace.
  • Recruit the next Top Golf, Dave and Busters, Guitar Center… Prioritize the recruitment for empty storefronts.
  • Lessen traffic congestion during drive times with road design.

Create a more visually appealing Airport Region and city entrance gateways…

  • Improved maintenance and upkeep for visitors.
  • Planned streetscapes and roadway visuals.
  • Hotel, restaurant and dining options targeted for recruitment to spur economic development.